What is Decluttering?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by "stuff" that you don't know what to do with in either your home or office space?


Anne Wallis will discuss with the client what the client would like to achieve.  For example, the client would like more space, or perhaps has had a personal change of circumstances, which requires change.  Sometimes it can be difficult to 'see through' the clutter.  


Anne Wallis is excellent at providing a solution, facilitating the action and assisting the client with the disbursement of the unwanted items.  As a result it has often been reported that the client has a greater sense of well being and is relieved that a potentially stressful and overwhelming situation has been resolved.

Case Study One


Reorganisation of Storage

Rewired PR Commercial Project  


The client needed efficient and effective storage. Anne Wallis Projects organised a new storage system with appropriate labelling. This has resulted in the client having more effective use of in-house resources.


Case Study Two



Redefining Space

Rewired PR Commercial Project  


The client wanted a defined meeting space in an open plan office. In addition, Anne Wallis Projects created an enhanced staff kitchen area, including purchase of new equipment and organisation of space. 

Case Study Three



Sometimes the smallest decluttering projects can bring the most satisfaction


 Both these projects took 20 mins each and the whole family have appreciated the tidiness.

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